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Landscape Sales Training

You already know that your landscape sales team is at the heart of your profitability. How they perform can either positively or negatively impact your business. But what can you do to make improvements? How can you ensure that your team is constantly getting better and not repeating bad habits or following ineffective methodologies?

The fact that you’re concerned about these issues is already a step in the right direction. A lot of landscaping companies get stuck in sales rut when they don’t take the time to analyze how their team is doing and what kind of additional support they may need to succeed. After all, you have some accountability in the grand scheme of things—and that is to support your people and give them the tools and skills they need to be the best at growing your company.

It’s not uncommon for landscape companies to rely heavily on technical knowledge over selling techniques. This can be very problematic. That’s because you could have someone who knows everything about turf or hardscaping but is ultimately terrible in trying to sell it. Expertise will only take them so far and could even be a detriment if they don’t have what it takes to sell. That doesn’t mean you have to fire your people. What it does mean is that you may need to change the way you do things.

Once you understand your team better from a sales and organizational standpoint, you may need to support your people differently.

For some, that could mean integrating technology to help fill the gaps. In other instances, you might need to add additional training to overcome these challenges. There may need to be some significant changes to your processes.

The training will consist of finding your right mindset, finding a lead, how to sell the lead, closing the lead and upselling and retaining customers. It was designed by a veteran in the landscape industry with 35-years of successful sales experience. This course was developed with the intent to increase overall sales and to provide a professional approach to selling landscaping.

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